Thursday 25.07.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


26 Jun 2024 / 12:03
Man, 23, rescued after falling into ravine

CORFU. The man was in good health and stated that he did not need medical care.

16 Jun 2024 / 12:02
Search continuing for missing tourist on Mathraki

CORFU. His disappearance was reported by a friend on Thursday 13 June.

17 Apr 2024 / 10:52
Firefighting exercises at airport and hotel

CORFU. The firefighting and rescue exercises took place on Tuesday 16 April.

12 Apr 2024 / 20:56
Tourist injured on North Corfu path rescued

CORFU. The female tourist was rescued by the Thinalio Fire Department and transferred by a North Corfu Civil Protection vessel to Agios Stefanos harbour.

01 Feb 2024 / 14:39
Firefighters rescue horse which fell into a ditch

CORFU. The animal is in good health.

15 Dec 2023 / 13:04
Missing woman, 87, found in good health

CORFU. She was located by a search and rescue dog in an olive grove near her house.

23 Oct 2023 / 21:57
Corfu Rescue Team in Zakynthos to participate in exercise with Coast Guard and Frontex

CORFU. Following an invitation from the Piraeus Central Search & Rescue Coordinating Centre.

05 Aug 2023 / 18:36
"Petar" weather system hits Corfu

CORFU. The phenomena are expected to start receding late on Saturday evening - Flooding and rescue of ten people in Porto Timoni.

27 Jul 2023 / 09:34
Rescue of animals from fire in North Corfu

CORFU. Animal-loving volunteers, firefighters and police all showed their humanity and compassion during this difficult ordeal.

04 Jul 2023 / 14:53
Woman trapped on rocks rescued by private boat

CORFU. She was taken safely to the beach.

04 May 2023 / 09:42
Two trapped French tourists rescued

CORFU. The two young tourists had called 112 for help after finding themselves trapped in rough terrain whilst out walking.

06 Apr 2023 / 12:38
Rescuers on finding missing woman

CORFU. "After an exhausting three-day search, the persistence of those taking part brought a happy outcome."

04 Apr 2023 / 10:33
Corfu Town woman, 58, missing

CORFU. The woman has been missing since Monday morning.

22 Feb 2023 / 15:22
Central Corfu Mayor meets with Corfu volunteers who went to Turkey with Search and Rescue Team

CORFU. Meropi Ydraiou: "Corfu sent a message of humanity and solidarity."

17 Feb 2023 / 09:37
Corfu members of Greek Rescue Team return from horrors in Turkey

CORFU. Andreas Korikis and Andreas Mouzakitis, who worked selflessly in search of signs of life amongst the ruins, speak to Enimerosi.

10 Feb 2023 / 09:42
Two Corfu volunteers in the Greek Rescue Team in Turkey

CORFU. The volunteers are working with the search and rescue teams in the areas hit by the earthquakes.

30 Nov 2022 / 14:31
Avliotes man still missing after one week

CORFU. The area around Avliotes has been combed by all those involved in the search operation but after a week 82-year-old Damianos Kostas Mouzakitis still hasn΄t been found.

28 Nov 2022 / 10:59
After five days of searching in North Corfu still no sign of missing 82-year-old

CORFU. Damianos Kostas Mouzakitis from Avliotes has still not been found.