Friday 24.05.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


18 Apr 2024 / 11:46
Series of meetings ahead of fire season

CORFU. The aim of the meetings is to coordinate all the involved parties.

10 Apr 2024 / 14:32
Following completion of harbour basin, work to proceed with flood prevention measures in Spilia

CORFU. By June 30th, the reinforcement of the harbour basin will have been completed. Trepeklis and Mamalos inspected the marina at Café Yiali.

07 Mar 2024 / 16:06
50 forest rangers coming to Corfu before Easter

CORFU. There was a wide-ranging meeting under Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Vaggelis Tournas to discuss preparations ahead of the upcoming fire protection period.

24 Feb 2024 / 12:02
Central Corfu Municipality: Fines for uncleared land

CORFU. Those with plots of land are being called upon to clear and thin them out by April 30th, ahead of the fire prevention period.

28 Dec 2023 / 19:57
Christmas event in Annunziata Square by Corfu Events Organisation

CORFU. On Friday 29 December, 19:00-21:00, in Annunziata Square.

14 Nov 2023 / 20:55
Creation of a Friends of Palestine Committee

CORFU. An event was held on Palestine with Nasim Alatras, a Palestinian journalist, as speaker. Another event to be held on 17 November at the History Department at 18:00.

29 Sep 2023 / 18:28
San Giacomo Association brings topic of overtourism and carrying capacity to the table

CORFU. At the event organised on Wednesday by San Giacomo Cultural Association and Athens Plaka Residents Committee.

27 Sep 2023 / 19:46
Information event on contraception

CORFU. Thursday 28 September, 10:00-13:00 in Annunziata Square.

11 Aug 2023 / 10:38
Events and local fairs 11-19 August

CORFU. Enimerosi suggests the following events, concerts and local fairs (panigiri).

31 Jul 2023 / 16:04
Two-day event on Vidos Island - 1 and 2 August

CORFU. The shuttle service will operate from 18:00 until the end of the events.

29 Mar 2023 / 13:52
Agrifood Partnership educational event in Nymfes

CORFU. The educational event will take place on Saturday 1 April as part of the 2nd Nymfes Waterfall Trail.

25 Jan 2023 / 20:57
Corfu Carnival to take place again after two years

CORFU. The Carnival events will begin on Sunday 5 February.

03 Dec 2022 / 12:20
Christmas Fairy Tale programme

CORFU. Programme of events for the festive season in Corfu Town.

25 Nov 2022 / 23:38
Awareness-raising event to eliminate violence against women

Awareness-raising action to eliminate violence against women

27 Oct 2022 / 21:56
School celebratory events for 28th October anniversary in Diapontia Islands

DIAPONTIA ISLANDS. The Ionian University Dean Andreas Floros and the Ionian Islands Regional Director of Education Petros Aggelopoulos were present at the events in Erikoussa.

04 Oct 2022 / 09:48
Corfu International Festival - programme of events in October

CORFU. Music - Theatre - Dance - Literature - Art

28 Sep 2022 / 19:45
Tourism bodies: Initiative to extend the tourist season

CORFU. An online calendar with all the events of the island will be available in early December - Promotion of Corfu as an attractive global destination all year round.