Friday 01.03.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


17 Jan 2024 / 14:26
12th Choir Festival at Ionian Academy, 19-22 January

CORFU. The choirs will perform four choral pieces, one of which will be without instrumental accompaniment (a capella).

19 Jul 2023 / 11:21
9th Choir Festival in Astrakeri

CORFU. Saturday 29 July at 20:30.

30 Mar 2023 / 14:22
Union of Corfu Choirs 11th Festival - the full programme

CORFU. Saturday 1 and Monday 3 April at the Ionian Academy.

01 Aug 2022 / 15:46
Corfu choirs to perform on Vidos Island

CORFU. Deputy Mayor Chrysoula Tombrou talks to Enimerosi about the two days of events on the small island.

25 Jul 2022 / 09:20
"Heroic Memories" at Old Palace Colonnade

CORFU. Traditional dance groups and choirs will be taking part.

03 Feb 2020 / 13:24
Donation from Union of Corfu Choirs to School of Music

CORFU. The Union of Corfu Choirs made a donation of €300 to the Music School.

28 Dec 2019 / 00:00
North Corfu Choir Festival

CORFU. Choir Festival in North Corfu on Saturday 28 December.

17 Nov 2019 / 00:00
Choral performances in Lefkimmi

CORFU. Choral performances in South Corfu on Sunday 17 November - organised by Corfu Choir Association.

22 Sep 2019 / 00:00
Choir Festival in Kassiopi

CORFU. Corfu Choir Association is organising a choral event with choirs from North Corfu.

09 Aug 2019 / 00:00
1st Choral Festival in Loutses

CORFU. Loutses Cultural Society is organising its 1st Choral Festival.

28 Jul 2019 / 00:00
6th Karousades Choir Festival in Astrakeri

CORFU. Sunday 28 July at 21:00.

20 Jul 2019 / 00:00
Choir evening at Anemomylos

CORFU. Anemomylos ΄Thomas Flaginis΄ Cultural and Environmental Society is organising a Choir Evening.

30 Jun 2019 / 00:00
Choir Festival in Pelekas

CORFU. Pelekas Cultural Society is organising a Choir Festival on Sunday 30 June.

16 Jun 2019 / 00:00
Choir performances in Argyrades for Monday of the Holy Spirit

CORFU. Argyrades Cultural Society is organising a Choir Concert to celebrate Monday of the Holy Spirit.

17 Nov 2018 / 00:00
Union of Corfu Choirs: 8th Choir Festival

CORFU. The Union of Corfu Choirs will be holding its 8th Choir Festival on Saturday 17 November at 19:00.

03 Nov 2018 / 00:00
Choir Concert at the Municipal Theatre

CORFU. OTE Workers΄ & Pensioners΄ Cultural Centre is organizing a choir concert on Saturday 3 November.

20 Oct 2018 / 00:00
13th Phaeaces Choir Festival in Kato Korakiana

CORFU. Corfu Phaeaces Choir is organizing its 13th Choir Festival on Saturday 20 October at 20:00.

16 Sep 2018 / 06:41
Estonia overall winner at Corfu 2nd International Choir Festival

CORFU. With a spectacular finale the International Festival, which had brought together 1,700 singers of all ages and from all corners of the world, came to a close last night.