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Villa Rossa

19 Apr 2023 / 12:40
Greek PM visits Villa Rossa

CORFU. Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the iconic Corfu property, where renovation work is underway.

11 Oct 2022 / 18:38
Regional Authority inspects work on Villa Rossa

CORFU. It was a first inspection to the work that started about 15 days ago on the emblematic Villa Rossa building that was left in a state of neglect.

27 Sep 2022 / 10:37
Contractor set up in Villa Rossa grounds ready to start work

CORFU. The grounds have been cleared and it is expected that the renovation work on Villa Rossa will begin by the end of the month.

14 Jun 2022 / 23:59
New era for Villa Rossa

CORFU. The work is expected to be completed in two years.

09 Jun 2022 / 10:27
Signing of Villa Rossa contract postponed

CORFU. The signing of the contract has been postponed until Tuesday 14 June.

03 Jun 2022 / 21:10
Contract for renovation of Villa Rossa to finally be signed on 9 June

CORFU. The aim of the project is the renovation of the Villa Rossa building and its conservation as a historic and architectural monument.

01 Feb 2021 / 17:03
Renovation of Villa Rossa being put out to last!

CORFU. Tenders are being invited for the renovation of the listed property Villa Rossa in 5,426 sq.metres of land.

27 Feb 2020 / 09:34
Renovation of Villa Rossa included in Operational Programme

CORFU. The budget for the project comes to 4,901,000 Euros and the completion date is 31/12/2022.