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16 Nov 2020 / 11:12
Questions from Corfu Waste Watch about transportation, new landfill, waste bales and costs

CORFU. "What΄s happening with the study for the new landfill? What΄s going to happen with the waste bales? Why are we transporting 2,500 tons instead of 4,000 and at a greater cost?"

22 Jul 2020 / 10:44
Meropi Ydraiou΄s trip to Kozani via Epirus

CORFU. The second lot of Corfu waste will be sent to DIADYMA before the weekend - "Yes, but.." regarding the waste baling at the landfill - Ioannina΄s role.

14 Jul 2020 / 10:36
Two versions of what happened to Corfu waste taken to Kozani

CORFU. "The waste was taken into the Kozani facility," says Meropi Ydraiou. "We didn΄t accept it as we weren΄t ready," says DIADYMA facility managing director. What΄s happening with the waste baler.

14 Apr 2020 / 13:04
Tenders received from 3 companies for transportation of waste to Kozani

CORFU. The tenders from three companies were opened at the FODSA office on Monday 13 April.

17 Jan 2020 / 13:41
Meropi Ydraiou and FODSA delegation in Kozani

KOZANI. Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou was in Kozani today with a delegation from FODSA, of which she is President.

17 Jan 2020 / 09:03
Meropi Ydraiou in Kozani for initial contract talks

CORFU. Corfu delegation in Kozani on Friday.

16 Nov 2019 / 09:46
What will happen with the waste bales?

KOZANI. Following the unanimous vote in Kozani to accept Corfu΄s waste comes the quaestion "What will happen with the waste bales in Temploni and Lefkimmi?" Answers are expected when the team from DIADYMA visits Corfu.

15 Nov 2019 / 14:14
West Macedonia Waste Management (DIADYMA) Board:Unanimous vote in favour of accepting Corfu waste

KOZANI. The West Macedonia Waste Management (DIADYMA) Board met today and, as expected, voted in favour of accepting 24,000 tons of waste from Corfu in 2020.

05 Nov 2019 / 08:54
Kozani Waste Management Facility Board meeting next week to decide on acceptance of Corfu waste

KOZANI. On Monday 11th the board of DIADYMA (West Macedonia Waste Management)will meet to discuss the issue of Corfu waste and how the Kozani facility will be able to take it.