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Corfu Police

11 Dec 2023 / 21:08
Police officers protest in Corfu about injury of 31-year-old in Renti

CORFU. They expressed their opposition to the violence and asked for no more victims.

23 Jun 2023 / 18:36
Meropi Ydraiou and Corfu Police agree on special traffic regulations in summer

CORFU. In order to better serve the public in the coming months of increased tourism.

20 Mar 2023 / 23:01
Regional clinic to be established at Corfu Police Headquarters

CORFU. The establishment of regional clinics at the Police Headquarters in 13 big cities is an initiative of the Hellenic Police.

05 Jan 2019 / 12:07
52-year-old murderer remanded in custody

CORFU. He was remanded in custody with the agreement of both the magistrate and the prosecutor following his 2-hour appearance on Saturday morning.

06 Apr 2018 / 07:54
German Corfu lover gives gift of police patrol vehicle for use in the north of the island

CORFU. “We wanted to give something back to the island for all it has given us,” said Jorg Rockenhauser.

08 Feb 2018 / 07:15
41-year-old man arrested for stealing a cross from the hospital

CORFU. On Tuesday afternoon a 41-year-old man was arrested for theft.

25 Jan 2018 / 07:55
18-year-old arrested for breaking and entering and theft.

CORFU. An 18-year-old Albanian was arrested in Corfu on Monday 22nd.

22 Dec 2017 / 15:19
66-year-old man arrested for shoplifting

CORFU. A 66-year-old man was arrested for stealing goods from a shop on Tuesday 19th December.

22 Dec 2017 / 13:02
Children from nursery schools and childcare centres decorate the police Christmas tree

CORFU. Regional and Corfu police welcomed children from Corfu nursery schools and childcare centres to the Police Headquarters, where they decorated the Christmas tree.

18 Dec 2017 / 12:53
Corfu police take part in Special Olympics Unified Bowling game

CORFU. Corfu police personnel came together with personnel from the Special Olympics Hellas training programme to promote voluntarism, philanthropy and solidarity.

30 Nov 2017 / 08:34
4,000 Euro burglary case solved

CORFU. Corfu police have solved a burglary case and have arrested two men, aged 19 and 20.