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17 Oct 2023 / 18:45
Corfu School of Tourism remains greatly understaffed

CORFU. MP Dimitris Biagis: "The elections are over, the Ministers visited our island, but the School of Tourism is obviously not among the Ministry΄s priorities and plans".

20 Jul 2023 / 11:57
MP Dimitris Biagis congratulates North Corfu Municipality on free distribution of composters

CORFU. "Long journeys always start with small, solid steps."

29 Jul 2022 / 12:30
Response of Corfu MP Dimitris Biagis to attacks on local newspaper offices

CORFU. "We condemn all acts that take us back to previous times," said the PASOK KINAL MP.

04 Oct 2021 / 20:45
KINAL MP Dimitris Biagis: “Recycling is essential for our island”

CORFU. “Congratulations to both the North Corfu Municipal Authority and the local community”