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Beast of Kavos

15 Jul 2021 / 16:36
20-year sentence for "Beast of Kavos"

IGOUMENITSA. The trial of the “Beast of Kavos” from Corfu, as he is called by the foreign media,for the rape case from May 2020 took place at the Court of Thesprotia.

04 Jun 2020 / 17:21
Lawyer of 47-year-old says it wasn΄t rape - it was an extramarital relationship

CORFU. Dimitris Aspiotis appeared before the Prosecutor today, accused of rape.

24 May 2020 / 17:07
Official police statements regarding arrest of 47-year-old

CORFU. Statements from Corfu Police Chief Yiannoulis and Ionian Islands Regional Police Press Officer Konstantis.

24 May 2020 / 09:04
΄Beast of Kavos΄ pulled out of ravine and taken to Corfu Hospital

CORFU. After a difficult operation taking nearly 4 hours the 47-year-old man wanted by the police was pulled out of the ravine where he had been trapped.

23 May 2020 / 20:24
47-year-old wanted man at bottom of ravine - Fire Service operation in progress to pull him out

CORFU. The wanted man Dimitris Aspiotis has been found at the bottom of a deep ravine in Gremna, Ai Gordis, Paleohori.

23 May 2020 / 19:12
Man, 47, who was released from prison and then again accused of rape has been caught

CORFU. After a 2-week manhunt with the police using all means at their disposal, 47-year-old Dimitris Aspiotis has finally been caught.