Sunday 23.06.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


23 May 2024 / 16:30
Corfu welcomes the summer with a dazzling ΄new΄ Annunziata bell tower!

CORFU. The restoration began about 10 years ago, while the Save Annunziata movement significantly contributed to raising public awareness.

17 May 2024 / 15:19
Annunziata bell tower finally ready after a decade!

CORFU. The scaffolding is being removed to reveal the impressive monument.

05 Apr 2024 / 15:21
Public CPR demonstration on Monday 8 April for World Health Day

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipality will be holding an event with the aim of informing the public about achieving optimal levels of health and well-being - Monday, April 8, in Annunziata Square from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

11 Dec 2023 / 13:29
Greek Guiding Association sweets bazaar

CORFU. Saturday 16 December in Annunziata Square.

27 Sep 2023 / 19:46
Information event on contraception

CORFU. Thursday 28 September, 10:00-13:00 in Annunziata Square.

08 Sep 2023 / 18:49
Corfu Red Cross action for World First Aid Day

CORFU. On Saturday 9 September in Annunziata Square from 11:00 to 13:30 - CPR/AED lessons.

20 Jun 2022 / 15:03
΄Capodistrias΄ Philharmonic Society concert in Annunziata Square

CORFU. The concert will be conducted by Michalis Michalopoulos.

25 Feb 2022 / 13:47
΄Fossil Free΄ calling people to protest against hydrocarbon exploration

CORFU. The group ΄Fossil Free΄ is calling on people to take part in a protest Annunziata Square on Friday at 17:30.

16 Feb 2022 / 20:01
Still waiting for restoration work on Annunziata bell tower to start

CORFU. The contractor of the project has been removed, while the process to place the second contractor in line has been initiated.

25 Nov 2021 / 10:28
Actors to recite 13 passages for 13 murdered women

CORFU. Recitals of passages written by Liana Tsiridou and performances in Annunziata Square for International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

06 Nov 2021 / 15:15
Corfu also takes part in climate crisis protests

CORFU. The climate crisis protest took place in Corfu without a particularly large turnout.

04 Nov 2021 / 10:25
Climate crisis protest - Annunziata Square, Saturday 6 November

CORFU. Call to action from Corfu Society for the Protection of the Environment.

11 Oct 2021 / 16:42
Monument to be erected in Annunziata Square for those that fell in Battle of Nafpaktos

CORFU. Role of Ionian Islands in the historic Battle of Lepanto remembered on anniversary.

24 Sep 2021 / 16:22
Sit-down protest in Annunziata Square for Erimitis

CORFU. The protest was held by members of the ΄Fridays for Future Corfu΄ movement.

19 May 2021 / 15:19
Musical protest in solidarity with Palestinians from Ionian University students

CORFU. University students expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people in a musical protest in Annunziata Square on Wednesday afternoon.

10 Jul 2020 / 09:31
Demonstration for the right to demonstrate and in protest against Erimitis investment

CORFU. There was a ΄double΄ demonstration in Annunziata Square on Thursday evening.

05 Jun 2020 / 12:03
First bin for cigarette butts in Corfu Town in Annunziata Square

CORFU. The first bin to collect cigarette butts for recycling was placed in Annunziata Square today - World ENvironment Day

27 Feb 2020 / 10:57
Restoration of Annunziata bell tower going ahead

CORFU. The contractor for the renovation work has now set up in dilapidated monument.