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International flight arrivals 9-29 March over 90% full

30 Mar 2024 / 11:04

CORFU. Tomorrow, on non-Orthodox Easter Day, a large number of arrivals are expected at Corfu Airport with 18 international flights. Positive signs again for this year΄s season.

The first international arrivals at Corfu Airport have had very good occupancy rates. Since March 9th, when the first flight from abroad landed on Corfu soil, it is estimated that until yesterday, Friday (29/03), there were over 2,000 passengers on the 15 flights over this period.

The President of Corfu Civil Aviation Authority Employees' Union, Dimitris Roussos told Enimerosi that these flights showed occupancy rates of over 90%, with aircraft almost fully loaded with people. It is indicative that the first flight that arrived at the airport on 09/03 from Berlin with Ryanair, with a capacity of 189 passengers, had 174 people on board, and the next day, 155. The same flight on the following weekend (16-17/03) also recorded very good passenger numbers, with the total reaching 356.

"Up to Friday 29/03, it is estimated that there were over 2,000 international passengers," said Mr. Roussos. "Occupancy rates are very good and flights are all full. Indeed, for the first time, we may have the highest number of flights before the official start given every year on the last Sunday of March. Arrivals at the airport this year are expected to show a slight increase."


18 flights on Sunday

Tomorrow, Sunday 31/03, non-Orthodox Easter Sunday, a large number of arrivals are expected at the airport, with 18 flights from abroad, the most for the month of March on a single day. Specifically, these are flights from Ryanair, Easyjet, Eurowings, and British Airways from Belfast, Düsseldorf, Brocklau, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, London, Bristol, Karlsruhe, Manchester, Liverpool, and East Midlands.

The 15 flights that preceded in March gave an earlier start than ever before at Corfu Airport and with high occupancy rates. The President of the Association of Corfu Travel Agents (AOCTA), Dimitris Diavatis, told Enimerosi that the data indicate that we will have a good tourist season this year as well. He stated that bookings are good, as is the number of airline seats, which has increased by about 10%, and it remains to be seen if this will indeed be realised. However, he did not fail to mention the major issue of public infrastructure, which does not facilitate the management of tourists.

The markets

Top of the list is the UK, which accounts for 40% - 45% of the total clientele of Corfu, as Mr. Diavatis said. He noted that there are also consistently good numbers from France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. Indeed, this year the performance of the French market is expected to be very good - Mr. Roussos pointed out that Transavia will have a daily flight from Paris from April 6th onwards. He added that Italy already has a presence at the airport with the flight from Milan, as its other destinations start somewhat later.

Finally, the fact that Jet2 has started its flight programme earlier than in other years, is encouraging, with its first flights landing yesterday at Corfu airport. These were from London and Manchester, while it has also added Liverpool to its programme this year.



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