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Ionian Islands at Vienna Tourism Exhibition

19 Mar 2024 / 16:16

VIENNA. The Region had its own booth within the Greek National Tourism Organisation area.

(Ionian Islands Regional Authority Press Office) A huge number of visitors came to the Vienna FerienMesse 2024 International Tourism Exhibition which took place at the Vienna exhibition centre from March 14 to March 17.

The Ionian Islands Region participated in this significant international tourism exhibition - one of the largest in Central Europe - with its own booth within the Greek National Tourism Organisation area.

According to officials from the Greek National Tourism Organisation in Austria, the designs of the tourism industry this year are very optimistic, and there is a greatly increasing trend in the number of Austrians planning to visit the islands in the Ionian Islands Region.

Meanwhile, the collaboration between the Ionian Islands Region and the services of the Greek National Tourism Organisation in Austria was excellent on various levels, primarily through invitations to journalists and other representatives of mass media and tourist offices to our islands.

A large number of people from all age groups visited the booth and showed particular interest in all the islands. The booth was also visited by tourism professionals, journalists, and the Ambassador of Greece to Austria, Giorgos Iliopoulos.

The supervision and support of the Ionian Islands Region booth were undertaken by the Regional Tourism Supervisor for Corfu, Giorgos Papavlassopoulos.

Photos: Ionian Islands Regional Authority Press Office