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Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands at ITB Berlin

11 Mar 2024 / 17:15

CORFU. The common denominator of the work meetings was the quality upgrade of the tourism product in order to improve the sustainable tourism development indicators.

Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality was represented at the ITB in Berlin (5-7/3), at the Ionian Islands Region booth, by the Deputy Mayor of Sustainable Tourism Development, Spyros Chalikiopoulos.

The ITB is the largest tourism fair in the world, with hundreds of worldwide destinations represented. Therefore, the presence of both established and emerging destinations is essentially obligatory, not only for their promotion but also for their participation in an event that influences - if not determines - developments in the global tourism economy. Destination managers have the opportunity to present their strategy and receive feedback from the market.

In this context, Mr. Chalikiopoulos had a series of working meetings with major players in the German and international tourism market, such as FVW Medien, Jet2 and Outdoorsactive, among others. Discussions also took place with Greek groups and entities, while contacts were made with the Albanian delegation.

Messages regarding bookings are mixed, with the German market showing reduced rates due to the condition of the German economy. However, the overall climate creates the belief that, in the end, the tourism from Germany will once again be satisfactory.


The common denominator of all working meetings was the qualitative characteristics of tourism flow, as well as the elements of Corfu's destination identity that, from the municipality's perspective, need to be highlighted in order to achieve the quality upgrade of the tourism product and improve sustainability indicators.

Specifically, interest focused on outdoor activities and the cultural heritage of Corfu, as well as thematic experiences, for which the Municipality had prepared relevant material and developed its strategy.

On behalf of the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, the Deputy Mayor thanked the Ionian Islands Regional Authority and personally Yiannis Trepeklis for the hospitality at its booth and the excellent collaboration. The willingness for collaboration among all stakeholders of the island's local government - as well as the private sector - exists at the level of intentions, but it remains to be translated into action, immediately and with specific actions, as only in this way can there be substantial promotion, real development in terms of sustainability, and improvement of economic benefits for entrepreneurs and employees.