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North Corfu determined to get rid of new mobile phone antenna

North Corfu
01 Mar 2024 / 10:32

CORFU. The entire Municipal Council decided to resort to legal means and strong protests.

Social organisations and the Municipality of North Corfu are determined to remove the mobile phone antenna constructed in Lithares, Acharavi. In a meeting held on Wednesday evening, the entire municipal council decided to fight by all means to prevent its operation. The land has been leased for about two years by the company, and the installation has received approvals from state authorities.


However, all decisions were made disregarding the local community. Residents, the local council, and the Parents and Guardians Association of the primary school in the area attended the meeting and expressed their strong opposition. Meanwhile, municipal councillors from all parties highlighted the problems it would create.

First and foremost, they expressed concerns about the health of residents due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phone towers and the potential consequences on the environment and the human body, especially vulnerable groups such as pupils, the sick, etc. The antenna was set up within the last few days, in a populated area and close to the school, and is possibly already in operation.

They also focused on the environmental and aesthetic pollution in an area of particular natural beauty. Everyone agreed that it is a sought-after spot, which attracts attention for its unique views. The existence of the antenna will result in a significant drop in property values for residents from the very next day.



Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris noted that about 1.5 years ago, he had approached the owner of the plot to explain to him that the damage from the installation of the antenna would be much greater than his income from the rent. At that time, the Mayor thought that they had reached an agreement; however, the mobile phone company's plan proceeded nevertheless.

Among the actions mentioned by the North Corfu Mayor, Giorgos Mahimaris, are seeking measurements of electromagnetic radiation from institutes such as the Aristotle University or "Demokritos," using legal means, taking precautionary measures, and ultimately, strong community protests.

Giorgos Mahimaris stated that similar antennas have been installed in other areas of North Corfu; however, it is time to put an end to this practice and to any future prospects.

Disregarding the local community

The antenna which has been constructed stands approximately 24 metres high, in the location of Lithares in Acharavi. Without taking into account the resolution of the municipal council about two years ago, the installation has received approvals from the following authorities:

  • Corfu Antiquities Inspectorate
  • Epirus, North Ionian, and Western Macedonia Modern Monuments and Technical Works Administration
  • National Telecommunications and Post Commission
  • Corfu Forestry Service
  • Corfu Architecture Council
  • Urban Planning Department
  • Ministry of Environment and Energy