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Mass participation in protest strikes

28 Feb 2024 / 11:49

CORFU. Large numbers are participating in the protest by workers, students, pupils, unemployed, and pensioners in Corfu, as part of the general 24-hour strike declared by ADEDY.

Various organisations, associations and unions have responded to the call for protest on the occasion of the completion of one year since the tragic train accident in Tempi, which plunged the country into deep mourning, with 57 dead.

The main problems currently include the cost of living, price increases in essential consumer goods, low wages and pensions, profiteering, the understaffing of critical public entities (healthcare, education, social services, insurance), etc.

Those taking part in the strike are Corfu Workers Centre, Corfu Hospital Psychiatric Department Employees Union, Corfu Hospital Unified Employees Union, the Corfu Association of Private Sector Employees, Corfu Builders Union, the Union of Hotel Employees and Workers in Catering - Tourism in Hotels and Related Professions, DEYAK Employees Union, the Corfu branch of OTOE (bank employees), Corfu Associations of Educators SEPE and ELME, employees in Municipalities, local Associations of Pensioners of IKA, Public, and TEVE, and the Student Association of the IEK Corfu Tourism Professions.