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First administrative board of newly-established North Corfu Water Supply and Sewerage Company

19 Feb 2024 / 15:10

CORFU. The North Corfu municipal water and sewerage company is now taking shape following its autonomy from the island΄s inter-municipal scheme.

The first board of directors of the newly established autonomous North Corfu DEYA was formed during the municipal council meeting held on Friday evening.

The North Corfu Municipal DEYA is governed by an 11-member Administrative Board, appointed by the municipal council with its alternates, consisting of the Mayor or the designated councillor as President and 6 additional elected representatives of the Municipality, 4 of whom belong to the majority party.

In addition to the elected representatives of the Municipality, the Administrative Board also includes, with their alternates, one member as a representative of the employees in the company, designated by the most representative trade union organisation of the employees in the company or, in the absence thereof, by all the employees in the company, one member as a representative of environmental or social organisations in the area, and two citizens or permanent residents with proven experience or knowledge related to the subject of the company.

The Board of Directors consists of the following:

President: Vassilis Salvanos

Regular members from the Mahimaris party:

  • Nikolaos Mouzakitis
  • Theofanis Skempris
  • Ioannis Kaloudis
  • Spyros Aspiotis

Alternate members:

  • Ioannis Mouzakitis
  • Theodoros Mavronas
  • Spyridoula Kokkali
  • Maria Provata

Regular members from the Varelis party:

  • Spyros Varelis
  • Anastasia Lioudaki

Alternate members:

  • Stamatis Pouliasis
  • Eleonora Tryfona

People's Members:

  • Ioannis Provatas
  • Kostas Salvanos

Representative from Sinies community organisation:

Alternate members:

  • Aggeliki Lefterioti
  • Vassilis Agiovlasitis.

One more member of the Board of Directors remains to be appointed, who will come from the employees of North Corfu DEYA.