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British woman, 27, arrested for violation of animal welfare laws involving 7 horses

09 Feb 2024 / 16:24

CORFU. The woman was fined 7,000 Euros.

A 27-year-old British woman was arrested yesterday afternoon, 8 February, by police officers from the Achilleio police station, with charges brought against her for violations of animal welfare legislation.

Following up on a complaint received, it was found that the young woman was keeping seven horses on her estate in Alevropari without adhering to proper welfare standards.

The Corfu Veterinary Service also participated in the authorities' investigation. The 27-year-old was taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor and the prescribed administrative fine of 7,000 Euros was also imposed.






Στην έρευνα των Αρχών συμμετείχε και η Κτηνιατρική Υπηρεσία Κέρκυρας. Η 27χρονη οδηγήθηκε στον Εισαγγελέα Πλημμελειοδικών Κέρκυρας, ενώ της επιβλήθηκε και το προβλεπόμενο διοικητικό πρόστιμο, ύψους 7.000 ευρώ.