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Musical protest by students against private universities

27 Jan 2024 / 14:08

CORFU. The protest took place on Saturday afternoon, 27 January.

Finding yet another way to express their opposition to the establishment of private universities, Ionian University students held a musical protest on Saturday afternoon, January 27th, in Annunziata Square while also distributing leaflets.

The statement from the Ionian University regarding the establishment of private universities:

"The announcements regarding the impending legislative regulation concerning universities undoubtedly serve as a starting point for an unprecedented change in the landscape of higher education in the country. The issue was discussed at a meeting held yesterday with the participation of representatives of associations of the Ionian University, initiated by the Dean's office. The resolution states:

"We are absolutely opposed to any possibility of establishing private universities which:

• operate within an institutional framework different from that governing the operation of public universities

• exploit the need of young people to study, offering programmes of questionable academic quality that do not serve any national priorities for development and employment, with the sole purpose of financial gain

• provide degrees with professional rights without substantial reciprocity, while academic departments of public universities are unable to secure professional rights for their graduates

• operate in violation of constitutional principles

• legally, based on international recorded experience, are destined to fail."



Photo / Video: Enimerosi