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΄Kiss of life΄ for the dilapidated jetty at Mon Repos beach

Mon Repos
25 Jan 2024 / 14:32

CORFU. The work was done by the municipal services in collaboration with Anemomylos Cultural Society.

Today, the Municipal Department of Voluntary Services, along with the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services, Andreas Kardonas, repaired the section of the jetty that was ready to collapse. This was done in collaboration with the municipal Everyday Life Department and Anemomylos Cultural Society, which also donated the materials. A diver and an ironsmith also volunteered their services.


After the support work was done

The jetty remains closed to the public

The work was exclusively focused on the section that was ready to collapse, so as not to completely destroy the stage. For the time being, the stage will remain closed to the public for safety reasons. According to the municipal authorities, this work does not yet make it operational, as there has been no restoration of its structural stability.

The next step will be to initiate the procedures for the licensing of the jetty (pre-dating 1955), and then proceed with the contracting for its complete restoration, making it accessible.

The urgent work was deemed necessary to prolong the life of the structure, as the procedural stages are expected to be time-consuming.