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Waste, water supply and roads discussed at Regional Governor΄s meeting with North and South Corfu Mayors

waste management
15 Jan 2024 / 16:51

CORFU. In the coming days, Yiannis Trepeklis will meet with the General Secretary of Waste Management, Manolis Grafakos, to expedite the procedures for putting the waste management facility out to tender.

Ionian Islands Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis met with the Mayors of North Corfu, Giorgos Mahimaris, and South Corfu, Vassilis Heimariotis, to discuss issues related to waste management, water supply, the road network, as well as other matters.

Regarding waste management, there was a strong emphasis on the need to expedite the tender process for the waste management facility. For this reason, in the coming days, there will be a meeting between the Governor of the Ionian Islands and the General Secretary of Waste Management Coordination, Manolis Grafakos.

Also among the priorities is the establishment of a Bio-Waste Processing Unit (BWPU) aimed at reducing the volume of waste for transportation, resulting in a decrease in the economic burden on the municipalities. Another related issue is the examination of solutions for bulky waste.

Concerning the road network, workk to make it safe and accessible were identified as a priority. Simultaneously, actions will be taken to improve the aesthetics of the road network through markings and clearing of vegetation.

The meeting also addressed issues related to resolving water supply problems.