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Establishment of Corfu 3rd Special School announced

16 Nov 2023 / 10:51

CORFU. At the moment young pupils in South Corfu have to travel to Corfu Town every day to attend classes at the 1st Special School.

From the new school year Corfu will have a new special education facility, putting an end to the ordeal of pupils from the south of the island. Until now, these pupils have been obligated to travel long distances daily to attend classes at the already overcrowded Special School in Corfu Town.

The establishment of the 3rd Corfu Special Primary School, following the proposal of the Ionian Islands Regional Directorate of Education, Corfu Directorate of Primary Education, and the unanimous decision of South Corfu Municipal Council, was published in the Government Gazette on 25/10/2023.

Regional Director of Education, Petros Aggelopoulos, told Enimerosi that the school which will operate in the new building in Vraganiotika is expected to open in September 2024. "The establishment of the 3rd Special Primary School is a fact," he said. "We wanted it because it will help the pupils who are transferred from South Corfu to the town to attend classes at the 1st Special School since there was no corresponding school in their area."

Work to be done

According to Mr. Aggelopoulos, some work will need to be done in the existing building, mainly in the yard, so that the facility can be functional and welcoming for the children. For this reason, it is scheduled to open next September. "The 3rd Special Primary School will be housed in the existing school, but it will operate independently after the necessary work has been done, mainly externally, so that its pupils have a separate yard," he said. "Preparatory work is needed from the Municipality for it to be able to function there."

Essentially, with this facility, the needs of primary special education on the island are covered,  with schools in all three municipalities -  the 1st Special School (primary and kindergarten) in Corfu Town, the 2nd Special School in Velonades (primary and kindergarten), and now the 3rd Special Primary School in Vraganiotika, for South Corfu.