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Urgent formal administrative inquiry ordered following complaint of operation without anaesthesia

Corfu Hospital
03 Nov 2023 / 10:12

CORFU. Corfu Hospital administration is awaiting the findings of the inquiry in order to draw secure conclusions.

Corfu Hospital Director, Adamantia Egglezopoulou, has ordered an immediate formal administrative inquiry following a serious complaint by a patient that they were operated on without anaesthesia. Ms. Egglezopoulou told Enimerosi that the matter will be investigated thoroughly in order to draw secure conclusions.

The woman who underwent surgery for a hernia in the spinal column describes a horrifying experience as during the operation, she heard, felt, and was aware of the procedure without being able to react. Information suggests that the woman even remembers conversations between the doctors.


Healthcare sources have confirmed to Enimerosi that a problem in the anaesthesia process arose without being immediately detected. They underline, however, that the patient did not feel pain as she initially received the analgesic substance preceding the main anaesthesia. It is not yet clear where the malfunction in the machine's indicators originated.

By order of the Corfu General Hospital Director, the formal administrative inquiry will be conducted immediately as an absolute priority.

The patient is in good health and has already been discharged after a three-day hospitalisation following the operation.