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Woman operated on without anaesthesia at Corfu Hospital due to machine failure

Corfu Hospital
01 Nov 2023 / 20:49

CORFU. During the surgery the patient was aware of the procedure, although she seemed to be asleep.

A patient at Corfu Hospital had a traumatic experience as she underwent surgery without general anaesthesia due to a machine failure. The event was brought to light by her sister via a social media post.

Hospital sources confirmed the event to Enimerosi. The patient, who underwent spinal surgery, was given the substance administered in the first stage, but then the machine was not connected to administer the main anaesthetic gas.

Although the woman looked like she was sleeping, she was aware of the procedure. The same sources say that she did not feel pain but understood what was happening to her.

The case is being investigated by the Corfu Hospital Administration and further update is expected.

Photo: Enimerosi archive