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Effect of new traffic regulations in Corfu Town

traffic regulations
05 Aug 2023 / 10:14

CORFU. Conclusions can΄t really be drawn from the first night, but Corfu Town is certainly much nicer without so many cars!

No one will ever know if and how many visitors cancelled their evening visit to the old town or how many chose to use the urban bus service, leaving their cars somewhere on the outskirts.

The scene, however, on Friday night (photo in front of Bosketo), the first night that the new traffic regulations were implemented, brought to mind a distant past or a necessary future!

On the usual 'nightmare' route from the New Fortress moat, around Spianada and the Mourgia to Spilia, and even the port junction, there was much less traffic and a much more human feel.

Going round four times - something that under previous circumstances would have been impossible - on a motorcycle from the Douglas Column to the New Fortress moat (22:30), one encountered people walking towards Spilia right in the middle of the road!

The waiters at Mouragia, perhaps for the first time in their lives, crossed back and forth across the road without feeling that they were putting their lives at risk.

The heavy traffic seems to have shifted mainly to Alexandras Ave. (photo) from the Garitsa shore road to San Rocco Square. Traffic moves at snail's pace due to the police presence at the intersection of Alexandras and Methodiou.

At Emporiko Kentro and Solari (22:40), traffic is light... as in winter. The same goes for the entry to the town from Platitera, Ioulias Andreadi and Polychroniou Konstanta.


The historic centre

The number of people on foot is ust as it is every August in the area around Capodistriou, the narrow alleys, St. Spyridon church and Theotoki. The turnover of the businesses will be clearer after a week or so.

The Corfu Town historic centre, however, liberated from cars, is much more beautiful and functional.