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Return of previous music time limit in Corfu Old Town

04 Aug 2023 / 23:47

CORFU. The Committee has accepted the appeal against the Decentralised Administration΄s decision that had vindicated the Central Corfu Municipality for deciding to extend the music hours.

The Committee has withdrawn the Municipal Council's decision to extend the hours that music is allowed at catering establishments in Corfu Old Town until 00:00 and 00:30.

The Committee accepted the appeal filed by four permanent residents and the leader of the Prota I Kerkyra party Giorgos Kaloudis against the Decentralised Administration's decision that had vindicated the Central Corfu Municipality for deciding to extend the music hours.

The case had been pending since June, as although it had been examined on 9 June, the decision had not been finalised. On Wednesday 3 August it was finally communicated to the Corfu Decentralised Administration, as well as to the Central Corfu Municipality. The latter should even post a copy of the decision and send a proof of posting to the Committee.



As the member of the Old Town Permanent Residents Association Board Panayiotis Petrou told Enimerosi, the previous music time limit will return, i.e. until 23:00 in the summer period (1 May-30 September) and until 22:00 in the winter period (1 October-31 April).

The decision concerns the establishments that had been granted permission by the Central Corfu Municipality to extend the hours that music is allowed until 00:00 on weekdays and 00:30 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and eves of public holidays.


The reasoning

The reasoning behind the decision was based on specific points, amongst which is the circular of the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court to the country's Prosecutors to effectively address the phenomenon of noise pollution that has become worse, especially during the summer and in the areas with mass tourism.

It is not clear from the information in the file submitted to the Committee whether the abovementioned amending decision was published in the Government Gazette, since in order for it to be lawful its publication in the Government Gazette is also required. If it has not been published, the decision is null and void.



According to Mr. Petrou, things would have been easier for both professionals and residents if there had not been so many violations of both the hours that music is allowed (after 00:30) and the volume of music during the permitted hours. In fact, in recent days the police have made several arrests for playing music outwith the times allowed.

As the Deputy Mayor for Everyday Life Haris Yiotis told Enimerosi, the decision, if communicated to the Police, should be implemented.

Those who have a legitimate interest, can appeal against this decision before the competent administrative courts.


Photo: Enimerosi archive