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Committee cancels extension to hours during which music can be played

12 Jun 2023 / 16:23

CORFU. Four permanent residents and Giorgos Kaloudis΄ party appealed to committee.

The committee has withdrawn Article 152, the decision to extend the hours that music is allowed at catering establishments in Corfu Old Town, which was taken in December, according to information received by Enimerosi.

The Committee, to which four permanent residents and the Kerkyra Proti party led by Giorgos Kaloudis had appealed, examined the additional information requested about 15 days prior to the first session.

The decision has not been finalised and communicated to the Municipality yet, but legal sources indicate that the Committee has cancelled the act of the Decentralised Administration of Peloponnese and Western Greece, which legitimised the decision of the Municipal Council.

Practically, this means that the Committee decided to cancel the decision for formal reasons of sufficient justification, implying that the decision to extend the music hours lacks legitimacy and is not valid.

The complete reasoning behind the Committee's decision is expected to be published soon.