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Unknown when Vidos municipal shuttle service will begin

07 Jun 2023 / 21:12

CORFU. Although the number of visitors to the island is increasing, there is no water, food or toilets.

The nightmare with the municipal shuttle service is repeated once again. It had been announced that the first service would start on June 5, but the Municipal Councillor responsible for Vidos Vassilis Melidis explained that due to bad weather conditions the repair had not been completed. The canteen and restaurant have not yet opened, nor have the toilets.
Although last Tuesday the Municipal Authority, both through Vassilis Melidis and the Mayor Meropi Ydraiou, assured the Municipal Council that the shuttle service would start and the canteen would open on Monday 5 June, this did not happen.
New problem
Responsibility for the shuttle service has passed this year to the Municipal Development Agency "Capodistrian Development S.A", after the contract with the skipper who leased it last year ended. The Agency's President Vassilis Spatoulas explained to Enimerosi that the service could not start on Monday due to a new problem that arose - debts of €6,000 to the Mariner's Retirement Fund from past years.
"The Municipality has to settle the debt so that there can be a call for expressions of interest for the recruitment of staff. Every effort will be made to settle all outstanding issues as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it was an extraordinary obstacle that we could not foresee," he said. He also added that on Wednesday 7 June the boat will go to sea for the final inspection by the Port Authority. "Before the advertisement of the recruitment, there will probably be trial shuttle service with temporary staff," said Mr. Spatoulas.
Without water and food
Since mid-May, there are more and more visitors going to Vidos on the boat of the other professional. Unfortunately, if they get thirsty, hungry or need to use the toilet, they either have to be prepared or be patient enough to wait until they get back to town.
In the past few days, the beaches were cleaned with a machine transported by the Municipality, which removed all the rubbish that had accumulated from the visitors in May, while on Tuesday a shredder was brought there for more vegetation cleaning.
However, there is a damage to the water supply system for at least three weeks now that the Municipality attempted to repair with the assistance of the scouts.
The scout group responsible for the camp has started intensive preparations since March, while it has invested its own resources in an independent water supply network, so as not to repeat what happened in the past during the camping period. 1,000 people are expected this year from 15 June to 17 August.
However, the restaurant was unprepared and the canteen was closed until today. The contract may have provided for operation from 15 May, 09:00 to 22:00, but there was no water supply and shuttle service.
In the meantime, a lot of people are expected in Vidos on Sunday 11 June - children from the 12th Primary School for an environmental activity with the WWF and the scouts, as well as the Friends of Vidos, Permanent Residents, San Giacomo, Hellenic-Serbian Friendship, Environmental Protection and Forest Protection Associations.