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Vidos municipal shuttle service to begin on 5 June

31 May 2023 / 12:31

CORFU. The canteen will open on the same day and summer camp jobs will be advertised in the middle of June.

The Municipal Councillor responsible for Vidos Island, Vassilis Melidis, attributed the delay in the start of the municipal shuttle service to Vidos to bad weather conditions.He had previously told Enimerosi that the service would start on May 15. He said that the maintenance of the boat has now been completed, and it will be ready to start on Monday, June 5.

During the discussion that took place at the Tuesday session of the Municipal Council, the issue of unimpeded access for the people of Corfu and visitors was one of the issues raised as a matter of urgency, along with the operation of the summer camps, fire safety, and the operation of the canteen.

The comprehensive discussion on the problems facing the small island was finally held after many postponements, with Friends of Vidos Association and its president, former Mayor of Corfu, Yiannis Kourkoulos, also present. Mr. Kourkoulos intervened in the discussion, stressing the municipal character of the island and the unimpeded access of the people of Corfu.

Summer camps

Deputy Mayor of Social Policy, Andreas Skoupouras, gave assurances that, starting from the beginning of next week, the Municipality is ready to announce the recruitment of the necessary personnel for both the summer camps and the creative activities, as well as the tender for catering. However, there is a question mark as to whether there will be a response to the recruitment announcement.

What remains unanswered, though, is why the Municipality did not take steps earlier and waited until the last minute befor the camp season, risking the possibility of not having the necessary staff for their operation this year.

Municipal Councillor Spyros Nerantzis, the head of the Kerkyra Psilla party, also noted that no budget has been allocated for the camps in the approved budget, which means that another session of the municipal council will have to take place for a revision, and he questioned whether there is enough time for the tender to be announced in a timely manner.


Nothing seems to be moving forward yet regarding preparations, even though the lease contract between the Municipality and Ikos hotel company explicitly stipulates the obligation to operate the canteen from May 15.

Municipal Councillor from the Laiki Sispirosi party, Yiannis Pierris, pointed out that clearly the terms of the contract for the operation of the restaurant and the canteen from May 15 to October 15, from 9 in the morning until 10 in the evening, are not being adhered to. Chrysa Halikiopoulou from Kerkyra 180 stated that if the contractual obligations are not being met, the Municipality must terminate the contract.

However, Deputy Mayor of Finance, Giorgos Pantelios, said that the Municipal Property Department has already taken action against the enterprise and received assurances that the restaurant and the canteen will operate from Monday, June 5, as long as the municipality's shuttle service will also start operating.