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Old Town Permanent Residents Association΄s statement regarding this year΄s Easter

27 Apr 2023 / 21:10

Residents say that apart from a record number of visitors there was also a record of unaccountability this Easter.

CORFU (PERMANENT RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION). The increased number of visitors during Easter exceeded all previous records. At the same time, however, the unbelievable inconvenience for the Corfu Town residents and businessowners has also exceeded all previous records.
People's concern and despair led them to send complaints and messages, but they were lost in the officials' arrogant behaviour and the indifference of the managing and control mechanisms.
This indifference and tolerance gave those who created the uncontrollable situations the right to have the audacity to make statements and declare themselves not only defenders of the citizens' welfare, but also organizers of the town's operation.
Almost everyone behaved with tolerance or encouragement - the municipal authority, the regional authority, the state bodies and the professional organisations. So did the election candidates, with a few exceptions, who treated the situation with silent tolerance.
During the Easter period:
- In order to serve the controversial profit of a minority of citizens, and apparently expecting a corresponding political benefit, those in power did not care at all about preserving customs and traditions or about the well-being and quality of life of thousands of citizens and visitors.
- The traffic broke all records.
- Trying to park in and around the town became a constant nightmare.
Noise pollution
- The disturbance due to the noise pollution caused by certain catering establishments reached unbelievable levels despite the fact that the municipal authority assured that there would be measures to deal with the problem.
- There was no provision for crowd management. The crowds were unbelievable, with no planning, control or coordination at any level, while no preventive measures were taken by the municipality, which is its main responsibility. This created an intolerable situation and literally suffocated the town.
Civil Protection
Especially at the processions, at the first Resurrection and wherever there were many people gathered, every kind of civil protection was violated, while in combination with the occupation of free space, suffocating conditions were created. The self-denial and actions of the Fire Service and the Police alone are not enough and it was pure luck that no accident occurred.
Chairs and tables
The occupation of public space by chairs and tables also broke all records. The Association's appeals and complaints to the municipal authority fell on deaf ears. The municipal authority did nothing and some shopkeepers' unaccountability in important issues was incredibly insulting not only to the residents and those who participated or organised ceremonies and events that are our tradition and for which Corfu Easter is famous, but also to anyone else who was here those days.
The Association's Board