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New sewerage network in Kato Korakiana-Agios Markos

22 Apr 2023 / 10:45

CORFU. Following the completion of the necessary work, the capacity of the Agios Mrkos waste water treatment plant will increase from 5,000 to 22,000 residents approximately.

The administration of DIADYADK is planning to construct a new sewage network in Kato Korakiana-Agios Markos, following the recent inclusion of the project in the Recovery Fund. The project, with a budget of €10,864,577, is expected to improve the lives of residents and businesses in the area by increasing the capacity of the Agios Markos Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) from around 5,000 residents to approximately 22,000 after the necessary work is completed.

The announcement was made yesterday by the Mayor of Central Corfu and President of DIADYADK, Meropi Ydraiou, who expressed her particular satisfaction with this development.

"For many years, residents and businesses in the Dassia, Kato Korakiana, and Agios Markos areas have faced a major problem with sewage and biological waste, especially during the tourist season when demands are high due to the high numbers of visitors," she said. "It is a project that will contribute to the improvement of the living standards of residents and visitors as well as to the development and upgrading of the area as a whole, which is developing as a tourist destination."

What is included in the project

The construction project of the sewerage network in Kato Korakiana - Agios Markos includes:

- Construction of a new network of gravity sewer pipes in the old community of Agios Markos.
- Construction of a central sewer pipe in Dassia for future expansion of sewer pipes in the areas of Kato Korakiana.
- Construction of a new sewage pumping station that will receive the sewage of Kato Korakiana and will transport it to the WWTP of Agios Markos.
- Rearrangement of the existing pumping stations in Agios Markos and Ipsos.
- Replacement of the existing WWTP pipes in Agios Markos and Ipsos with new ones.
- Addition of a second chamber to the existing sewage pumping station of Ano Korakiana.
- Replacement of a section of the sewer network, including pipes and pumping stations, in the communities of Agios Markos, Ano Korakiana, and Ipsos.
- Expansion and increase of the capacity of the WWTP of Agios Markos from 5,000 to 15,300 residents immediately and with the future addition of another aeration tank, the WWTP will be able to serve 21,780 residents.
- Construction of a new pipe and disposal system for the treated wastewater to be disposed of far from the Ipsos beach.

The project is expected to be tendered by December 31, 2023, and has a budget of €40,000 for a sub-project.

Water supply project

The construction project of a pipeline by "Geotrisis Paliohorafa" company is in progress under the supervision of DIADYADK, aimed at improving the conditions and improving the water supply of the areas of Kato Korakiana, Ipsos coast, Agios Markos, and Barbati.

The project, which has started to be implemented and passes in front of the former Club Med, is expected to relieve the above areas, which have a large number of tourists and face shortages during the summer months. Additionally, with this project, the replacement and increase of the diameter of existing pipelines in the areas of Kato Korakiana, Dassia and Agios Markos will take place. The total length of the pipelines to be constructed is 8 metres both within and outside residential areas.

The project, with a budget of €700,000, has a completion time of 8 months, but it is estimated that the work in the section from the former Club Med to Ipsos will be completed before the summer.

Vasilis Argyros, a member of the Board of Directors of DIADYADK told Enimerosi that very few of the large hotels in the area are connected to the DIADYADK network, as they have their own wells. "Because it is a water-rich area and they have their own wells, very few hotels are connected to our network," he said. "The hotel on the site of the former Club Med has not asked us to be connected."