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Planning study for Castello Bibelli holiday-tourist village approved

boutique hotel
09 Apr 2023 / 11:03

CORFU. The property will be converted into a 5-star boutique hotel with 17 luxury suites with 51 beds.

The urban planning study for the creation of a holiday-tourist village at Castello Bibelli in Kato Korakianan has been approved by the Central Council of Modern Monuments (KSNM). The issue was discussed at a meeting held on Thursday, April 6, after a proposal from the Directorate of Protection and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Monuments.

The Project

The project involvess the construction and operation of a Tourist-Recreation Area (hotel) and a holiday-tourist village, with a total area of 77 stremma. The joint venture with the trade name "Castello Bibelli AE," created by businessman Sammy Fais and real estate management company Bluehouse, undertakes the utilisation of the historic property in Corfu that was transferred from TAIPED to an investor for €4,111,505.

Photo simulation of hotel courtyard

Boutique hotel

Within the framework of the Special Spatial Development Plan of the Public Property of Castello Bibelli, investors are obliged to restore the listed building, which has been classified as a modern monument and was constructed in the early 20th century by the Italian Admiral Bibelli.

After appropriate modernisation works, the building will operate as a 5-star boutique hotel, in harmony with the architectural character of the property. Specifically, the restoration of the building will create 17 luxury suites with their own bathroom and sitting area (9 on the ground floor and 8 on the upper floor and in the two towers), with a capacity of 51 beds.

The utilisation of the surrounding area, where possible, is also proposed, with the creation of communal green spaces, leisure areas, visitable walks, and outdoor cafes and restaurants. The three buildings located north of Castello will provide the hotel with auxiliary and complementary uses such as dining and recreational areas and a rejuvenation treatment space, as well as the required infrastructure support works.

In the surrounding area a swimming pool will be created, which will blend in with the natural environment through its materials and design.

Holiday-tourist village

In addition, on the approximately 60,400 sq.m. of land, vacation homes will be constructed with a capacity of 135 people. Outdoor sports facilities, outdoor communal gathering spaces, shared green areas and parking areas, other shared spaces, as well as necessary accompanying infrastructure projects are also planned.

According to the project design, the work is estimated to take about 48 months, while the total investment development plan for the property, which has a total area of 77 stremma, will amount to €20 million.

The history of Castello Bibelli

According to tradition, there was a Medieval Tower in this location that was preserved in ruins until the late 19th century, along with various other auxiliary buildings such as stables, warehouses, accommodation for staff, etc. The construction of Castello and Castellino was carried out by Admiral Bibelli and took ten years. After 1940, the Bibelli family took refuge in Italy, while Castello Bibelli, as well as the estate, became the property of the Greek State.

Throughout World War II, it was used as a Military Hospital and then remained unused until 1958. In 1958, it was leased to a hotel entrepreneur who transformed it into a luxurious hotel named "Castello Bibelli".

In 1981, the Castello Bibelli property came under the administrative authority of the Centre for Development of Crafts (KED), and has remained unused since then, except for a section of the property which was transferred in 1992 by the Greek government to the National Gallery and Alexandros Soutsos Museum (EPMAS). The transfer included the buildings, "Castelleto" and "Castellino", as well as 6 stremma of surrounding land. The "Castellino" building has been used by the National Gallery up to the present day.

In 2009, the building complex within the "Mibelli" estate, including "CastelIo Mibelli," "Castellino," and three auxiliary buildings (two two-story and one single-story), was declared a monument.

In 2013, Castello Bibelli was fully transferred to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) in terms of ownership and possession, and in 2017, the Special Spatial Development Plan of the Public Property "Castello Bibelli (Mibelli)" was approved/.