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Road closed to traffic at Platytera on Sunday

road closed
18 Mar 2023 / 13:42

CORFU. The road will be closed at the Capuccines junction and the Platytera junction.

Special traffic measures will be implemented due to works by DIADYADK (Public Water Company) on Sunday, March 19 starting from 07:30 until the completion of the works, and not beyond sunset on the same day, according to a police announcement.

The traffic interruption is due to the restoration of a sewage pipe on Ioulias Andreadi Street (opposite Platiteras).

The announcement states the following: "On Sunday, March 19, 2023, from 07:30 until the completion of the works, and not beyond sunset of the same day. Specifically: (a) at the Capuccines junction, diversion of all traffic coming from the Kerkyra-Paleokastritsa road towards Alexandros Panagoulis Street and (b) at the I.M. Platytera junction, diversion of all traffic coming from Evaggelou Napoleonos Street towards the Kerkyra-Paleokastritsa road.

With responsibility of the project manager, proper and complete signage (warning, regulatory and informative) should be placed at the above mentioned points (a) and (b) in order to inform both drivers and residents of the area regarding the temporary traffic arrangements. Additionally, at the section of Ioulia Andreadi street where the work will take place, if the section on the roadway extends towards the centre of the street and only one lane remains open for use, appropriate signage should be placed and necessary personnel should be deployed to regulate traffic.

The Corfu Traffic Police will monitor the adequacy of the signage and indicate to the responsible staff engineer of the Inter-Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise of the Municipalities of Corfu any other necessary measures for informing drivers, in order to avoid traffic accidents.

Those violating these regulations will be prosecuted and punished in accordance with the provisions of Law 2696/99 "On the Enforcement of the Traffic Code", and its implementation is assigned to the Corfu Traffic Police."