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Corfu Metropolitan Church denies Platytera Monastery΄s conversion into museum

Platytera Monastery
25 Sep 2023 / 22:09

CORFU. The Bishop did not accept Father Superior Timotheos΄ resignation after the stir that was caused on social media that he was pressured to leave.

The close environment of the Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia Islands, Nektarios denied the conversion of the Platytera Monastery into a museum. As his associates told Enimerosi, the rumour that was spread through social media is unfounded and "the monastery was, is and will remain a monastery".

This had been preceded by the Father Superior Timotheos' resignation due to personal and family reasons.

Numerous posts began to circulate very quickly on social media saying that Father Superior was pressured to resign, in order for the monastery, founded in 1743, to be turned into a museum to showcase the tomb of Ioannis Capodistrias and other sacred relics.

The news of Father Superior's resignation on Monday 25 September was the reason for a call through Facebook to anyone who wished to attend the last service on Sunday 24 September. Indeed, a large number of believers responded and gathered yesterday morning at the monastery in a symbolic gesture but also in the face of the risk that the services at the monastery might be stopped after Father Timotheos' resignation.

The call stated, amongst other things, that "the decision to leave is his own and the reason is the pressure and intolerable conditions created by the Metropolitan Church, since Father Superior did not give in to the various demands of our Archbishop. In other words, they had made life difficult for him. Yesterday, the Metropolitan Church asked that both monks of the monastery, Father Simeon and Father Sosipatros, leave and our "dear" Archbishop said that he does not want to have them in his care. Very reliable rumours say that the Metropolitan Church will turn the Platytera Monastery into a museum to showcase the tomb of Ioannis Capodistrias and other sacred relics".


A letter

The Father Superior's resignation mobilised the spiritual children of the Corfu Platytera Monastery who in a letter to the Metropolitan Church asked "to ensure that the spiritual peace and brotherly conhesion that exists in the Monastery is not disturbed", expressing "the concern and insecurity of churchgoers for whom this place is a religious, spiritual, thermal and psychic refuge, hope and consolation". According to reliable information, the letter delivered to the Metropolitan Church was signed by about 500 people.


Withdrawal of resignation

The stir, however, that was caused from the Father Superior's resignation forced the Bishop to reconsider and withdraw the resignation he had initially accepted with an official document delivered to Father Timotheos on Saturday 23 September.


Denied the pressure

The rumours about the pressure Father Timotheos was under, forced him to refute them. "The reasons for my resignation from Platytera Monastery are strictly personal and have nothing to do with either our Archbishop or any other person in the Metropolitan Church. I have not accepted the slightest pressure. Do not unfairly target anyone. Respect my personal decision and be at peace".

The regular service was held as normal this morning in the monastery by Father Superior. As he told Enimerosi, he remains temporarily in the monastery, as his decision to leave for personal reasons is final and for this reason he will resubmit his resignation.

However, the Archbishop's close environment noted that even if Father Superior leaves eventually, the monastery will continue to operate normally in its current form, which means that the daily services will be held, as well as the Sunday service, denying any other use of the monastery.

It is worth noting, however, that each monastery is governed by a Management Committee elected by the monks living in the monastery and any change requires a decision by the Committee.


Photo: Enimerosi