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Train crash death toll now 57 according to medical examiner Rubini Leontari

train crash
02 Mar 2023 / 16:59

LARISSA. Lab DNA tests are continuing.

Larissa Chief Medical Examiner Rubini Leontari told RealFM 97.8 radio that the number of dead from the tragic train crash in Tempi has now reached 57.

She said that 14 charred corpses were taken to the mortuary today, Thursday, and there were another 7 charred corpses taken there on Wednesday.

Rubini Leontari also said that there were more than ten bags with human parts at the mortuary. "DNA samples have been taken from each part to match them with the correct dismembered body - and if we can't match them, we still have their DNA," she said, explaining the identification process.

"Identification is not the job of the medical examiner. We assist, of course, but it is the job of the specialised Civil Protection lab team for mass disasters," she continued. "We know that the DNA lab testing is proceeding and, up to now, we have 14 completed results which are now in the process of identification."