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Miniature Christmas Village at Kato Korakiana Primary School

Christmas Village
14 Dec 2022 / 13:05

CORFU. The village will be open to visitors on Sunday 18 December, 11:00-13:00.

Kato Korakiana Primary School has created its own beautiful Christmas Village using miniatures given to the school by the Achillion Museum Director Tasos Diavatis.

The miniature village has been set up in the School library and is visited every day by the 235 pupils and their teachers. It is seven metres long with miniature buildings and figures in a snowcovered landscape with festive music playing.

The village has carousels, little trains, ice rink, hot-air balloon, a cable-car and beautiful Christmas trees. Pupils from the local nursery school, childcare centre and vocational high school have also been to visit.

The original idea

The idea to set up the lilliputian village in the school came as part of the regular collaboration that Kato Korakiana Primary School has with the Achillion Museum. It wasn't easy to set it up and required hours of work every day in order to achieve the desired result.

"The idea of creating a Christmas Village in the school existed in previous years but wasn't possible due to the pandemic," school principal Eleni Bogdani told Enimerosi. "This year is the first time we have actually set it up and both pupils and teachers are very excited. The children want to keep visiting it."

Open to the public

On Sunday 18 December the village will be open to the public 11:00-13:00 so that whoever wishes can come and visit.

You can get a small taste by visiting school's site, where there is a video with the miniature Christmas Village.