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Corfu businesses looking at extending tourist season

01 Sep 2022 / 15:14

CORFU. An initiative for Corfu city breaks from hotels, accommodation rentals and travel agents is underway.

An ambitious plan to extend the tourist season on the island is underway. It aims initially to increase demand for the winter by providing reasons for visitors to want to come here off-season.

The presidents of the hotel, rented accommodation and travel agent (AOCTA) associations Voulgaris, Katsaros and Halikiopoulos are making efforts in collaboration with cultural, artistic and sports organisations to plan winter events in such a way as to offer a calendar of available services before approaching the airlines. Everybody knows that maintaining flights off-season is a pre-condition for extending the season.

Babis Voulgaris spoke to Enimerosi about the plans, explaining that the first step is to add perhaps just one week at the end of the summer season and one week at the beginning of the next.

The supply of beds has never been greater with new facilities being created and a lot of previous facilities being upgraded, creating a much-improved image and better quality. Hotels have already expressed their willingness to remain open during the winter with services to attract visitors other than the summer sun and sea.

A calendar of artistic and sports events at weekends can add Corfu to the list of city breaks, even though there a lot of other Mediterranean towns already doing this.