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South Corfu Municipal Council decision on what times music is allowed

22 Jun 2022 / 13:45

CORFU. There was a unanimous vote at the council meeting which had continued from Tuesday.

South Corfu Municipal Council agreed to extend the times at which music can be played in an effort to come to a compromise with catering and entertainment establishments so that they can play music after 23:00 but only until a specific time.

At Monday's meeting of the South Corfu Council Deputy Mayor Socrates Andriotis put forward the decision of the Quality of Life Committee regarding regulation of times that music can be played and the granting of permission for live music to be voted on by the council.

The meeting continued on Tuesday and there was a unanimous vote in favour of the following amendments:

- Music allowed until 01:00 Monday to Friday and until 02:00 on Saturday.

- Maximum sound level 80 dB

It was also agreed to set up a cross-party advisory committee with Kavos associations also participating to ensure that the regulations are observed.