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Corfu tourist season going well so far

11 Jun 2022 / 11:51

CORFU. Tourism professionals have expressed their satisfaction with hotel and rented accommodation bookings.

There are positive indications from the way the tourist season in Corfu is progressing with bookings going well and the fact that the island hasn't been affected so far by UK flight cancellations due to the serious staffing problems faced by airlines.

"The situation in the UK has only had a minor effect on Corfu Airport," Civil Aviation Authority Employees Union President Dimitris Roussos told Enimerosi. "For example, last Sunday there was only one EasyJet cancellation due to staffing problems."

Tourism professionals satisfied

The season seems to be going well up to now, and hoteliers and rental accommodation owners have expressed their satisfaction and told Enimerosi that there were positive indications in May and the same applies to June. Online accommodation bookings are also going well for July and August - the peak season.

"At the moment, there are high numbers of bookings as they were made before the Ukraine war," Corfu Tourist Accommodation Owners Federation President Pericles Katsaros told Enimerosi. "We haven't had any cancellations, despite the increase in energy and other prices - people want to travel. What is of concern, however, is that due to price increases in a lot of products, consumers are unable to spend a lot of money on purchases."

He added that occupancy rates for rented accommodation is at 70-80% and continues to increase. There was a significant increase last week due to the UK school half-term.

Corfu Hoteliers Association President Babis Voulgaris also expressed his satisfaction with bookings to Enimerosi. "There are positive indications for this year's tourist season in Corfu. We are happy with the level of bookings and there is a trend for last-minute bookings - although not at the same level as last year and the year before." He added that hotel occupancy rates are 70-90%.


The UK is the number one market for Corfu tourism and, following last year's delayed start, is now well ahead of Germany, which is second on the list. These two countries are followed by France, Austria, Switzerland, Israel and the Balkan countries. Due to its neighbouring Ukraine, there is expected to be a drop in the number of visitors from Poland although it is still a strong market.


Accommodation prices at hotels and rented accommodation have gone up due to general price increases in a lot of products - mainly energy, which affects everything else. A family of four will pay between €120 and €250 a night and hotel prices start at €100 in the present period.