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Changes to SMS code regulations

04 Mar 2021 / 11:37

CORFU. The new lockdown measures now in force.

According to the new lockdown measures, from 06:00 on Thursday 4 March until 06:00 on 16 March the following rules apply as regards movement codes:

Changes to codes 2, 3 and 6

For Code 2 - going to supermarkets and essential shops - and Code 3 - going to banks and public services - movement is restricted to within the Municipality or 2km from place of residence.


Enimerosi requested clarification from the police regarding 2 and 3 and was told that it must be either within the Municipality or 2km from place of residence. For example, those living near the border with another Municipality can go to supermarkets, filling stations etc. in the next Municipality as long as it is up to 2km from their home.

If there is no bank or service in the local Municipality, people can travel to another Municipality if they have proof of their bank appointment.

It should be noted that if there are cases not covered by the new measures and a violation is declared, members of the public have the right to appeal - without cost - so that there case can be examined.

For Code 6 going out for exercise can only be on foot or by bike but not to another municipality. Consequently, a car cannot be used to travel.

For Code 4 - providing assistance - authorities will request additional clarifications and documentation.

The publication of the measures in the Government Gazette can be seen here.