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€5m for flood protection in the Ionian Islands

26 Oct 2020 / 15:26

CORFU. Funding was approved by the Ministry of Development & Investment - €1.25m allocated to Corfu.

Funding of €5m for the Ionian Islands Region was approved by the Ministry of Development & Investment this month allowing the Regional Administration to continue its work to provide flood protection. The work to be completed has been prioritised and is considered urgent in view of the frequent extreme weather phenomena.

The funding of €5m is part of the Ionian Islands Region Public Investment Programme 2020 - ' Maintenance and restoration of flood protection work in the Ionian Islands Region'.

According to the Technical Works Report, there will be work carried out on all the islands and €1.25m will be allocated to Corfu.

Statement from Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa

"The Regional Administration's goal is to provide protection for all the areas and safety for all the local communities in the Ionian Islands against extreme weather conditions - both immediately and with a programme of suitable infrastructure based on special studies. We are providing permanent solutions to problems that have existed for years and improving people's everyday lives."