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Skeleton discovered in Kato Korakiana identified as 35-year-old Albanian who was reported missing in April

14 Nov 2019 / 10:05

CORFU. The Medical Examiner Ioannis Aivatidis, who conducted the autopsy, said that death was due to suicide by hanging.

The skeleton was identified as belonging to the 35-year-old Albanian who was reported missing on Silver Alert last April.

The former Corfu MP Ioannis Aivatidis, head of the party 'Greek Dawn for the Ionian' on the Regional Council, who has now resumed as Corfu Medical Examiner following his term as MP for Golden Dawn, conducted the autopsy on the skeleton which was discovered in a Kato Korakian field on Tuesday 12 November.

According to the autopsy report - with the DNA report still to come - there was no crime involved as the evidence shows that cause of death was by hanging with a makeshift noose.

This had also been the initial conclusion when the skeleton was found as the 35-year-old's passport and personal clothing were found at the spot and according to information received, there was a rope hanging from an olive tree branch.