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Ekinnisi party:In favour of accommodating refugees in decent conditions

15 Oct 2019 / 06:31

CORFU. The local party ΄Ekinnisi - Left Democratic Front΄ has released a statement regarding the accommodation of refugees.

In the statement it says that the party is in favour of accommodating refugees and that priority must be given to dealing with racism and intolerance.

We consider it unjust that these people be divided into refugees and immigrants. These people are forced to leave their countries and seek refuge elsewhere due to either war or insufferable conditions. If the wars and imperialistic intervention don't stop, there will be more and more refugees. Turkey's invasion of Syria has made the situation even worse and the dreadful agreement between the EU and Turkey is obviously not a solution and should be abandoned.

In any case, every war creates refugees and every crisis immigrants. As a nation we cannot forget our own refugees and immigrants who were forced to leave the country in search of a better future.

If we are asked to accommodate refugees, Corfu should show her hospitable nature. Corfu is known for its multi-cultural nature and ther is nothing for us to fear.

We don't however want us to become a hotspot and the island to become another Moria. It is our duty to give asylum to refugees and immigrants and to integrate those who wish in decent living conditions.

It is our responsibility to deal with racism and intolerance - refugees will not do harm to any culture but we can do harm, to our own culture by closing the door to other human beings. They will not create problems for tourism. Problems have been created by the situation with the waste, the roads and the water supply - these have created a negative image of Corfu.

The democratic Corfu public will wholeheartedly support the refugees and their young children and show our solidarity with them. The greatest fight we have to give is for the smile on these people's faces.