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Business organisations against the creation of hot spots in Corfu

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07 Oct 2019 / 08:57

CORFU. The Traders΄ Association and Corfu Federation of Tourist Accommodation Owners have expressed their opposition to having hot spots on the island.

The two organisations sent a letter of protest to the Regional Governor, Corfu MPs and the Mayors.

In the letter they say:

"It was with mixed feelings of surprise and great concern that we learnt from the media of the possible creation of hot spots in Corfu in the near future as part of the Government's efforts to tackle the problem with immigrants and refugees. We would like to state that throughout the island's recent history the Corfu people have demonstrated their humanitarian and altruistic feelings, when required, towards all those in need and when needed they showed solidarity with every person or group of people in need regardless of religion, colour or race.

In this case, however, we consider that setting up hot spots on our island at this particular time would be a great mistake and a decision by the Government that would only create problems for several reasons.

Corfu is the island with the third greatest population density in the Mediterranean and, as we all know, suffers from huge infrastructure problems.

Corfu is one of the country's most important tourist destinations but in recent years has been going through a serious crisis with incalculable long-term consequences due to the Thomas Cook bankruptcy.

Our island has old, obsolete school and sport infrastructure which need immediate attention and cannot be used for any other purpose.

And may we also remind you that Corfu is still suffering from the huge problem of waste management which has caused a large number of difficulties.

Without mentioning the geopolitical or geo-strategic importance, or the exploration for hydrocarbons which will lead to protests about how compatible this kind of economic activity is with a tourist resort in an earthquake zone, we consider that it would be a big mistake to create hot spots on our island as it will have several knock-on effects leading to reactions and the eventual degrading of the island.

Bearing in mind all the above, we would like to ask you to express your strong opposition to the creation of hot spots in Corfu and point out to all those concerned that the choice of locations to receive refugees must not be made rashly but taking into account the specific characteristics and needs of each area."