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Giorgos Kaloudis: "The history of the Corfu Jewish community should be included in Ionian Islands history"

Corfu Jewish community
29 Mar 2019 / 09:39

CORFU. The Catholic Archbishop of Corfu, the John Paul ΙΙ Center for Interreligious Dialogue and The Russell Berrie Foundation organised an event "Christians and Jews in Corfu".

Mayoral candidate Giorgos Kaloudis was present at the meeting and commented that, "Corfu wasn't only a crossroads for culture but also for religions."

Corfu Catholic Archbishopric hosted a unique historical overview of the coexistence of Christians and Jews in Corfu, demonstrating that through dialogue and tolerance it is possible to have acceptance and economic prosperity.

The Corfu Metropolis was represented by the Reverend Athanasios Kokkinopoulos.

Mr. Kaloudis said, "I propose that the wonderful presentations given by the Catholic Archbishop Ioannis Spiteris and the historians Giorgos Zoubous and Spyros Gaoutsis which enriched our knowledge should a) be published in a book and b) be given to the Deputy Rector of the Ionian University Theodoros Pappas - who, following my proposal at the Ionian Islands Regional Council in 2013, is responsible for the publication of the History of the Ionian Islands - so that it can be included in the History and taught at schools."