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Memorial service for Ioannis Capodistrias

27 Sep 2018 / 12:02

CORFU. On the 187th anniversary of his assassination in Nafplion (27 September, 1831).

On Thursday morning Nektarios, Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos and the Diapontia Islands, led a memorial service for the first Governor of Modern Greece Ioannis Capodistrias at Platytera Monastery where his tomb is located.

The Ecclesiastical section of Corfu Choir sang at the service, conducted by Michalis Capodistrias.

The following were present: Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu Nikoletta Pandi, Deputy Mayor for Education Stamatis Apergis, Regional Director of Education Kostas Gousis, Regional and Municipal Councillors and Corfu Town school pupils and teachers.

Konstantinos Vergos, head teacher of the 2nd Professional High School, then addressed those gathered.

At the end of the service the Archbishop chanted the Trisagion Hymn at the Governor's tomb.