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Christmas Fairy Tale will be less spectacular this year

17 Nov 2023 / 12:38

CORFU. This year the Christmas atmosphere will be created by festive decorations that already exist from other years.

All the signs indicate that this year's "Christmas Fairy Tale," which was loved in previous years by young and old alike, will not take place in the way we knew it.

Around this time last year, preparations were already underway from Central Corfu Municipality for the various events, in  which various Cultural Societies, Philharmonic Societies, Dance Schools, Choirs, and volunteers played a leading role each year.


This year, however, none of all this has happened, and we are already approaching December. The Municipal Council, in its session on 4 April, approved the implementation of cultural events and programmes for local and national holidays, as well as a programme for Public Relations, provision of services, and procurement for the year 2023 and until March 31, 2024, including Christmas events (Christmas Village, Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve).

As part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, there was approval for a 15-day series of cultural, entertainment, and educational events to take place, such as concerts by Philharmonic Societies, Choirs, musical groups, festive theatrical performances, presentation of children's fairy tales and games, interactive activities (crafts), entertaining activities (face painting, meeting with Santa Claus, Post Office, etc.).

However, there has been no restructuring of the budget to cover the above.

Chrysoula Tombrou: "We will do whatever we can."

Deputy Mayor for Culture Chrysoula Tombrou, who has been responsible for events in recent years, told Enimerosi that the Municipality will do whatever it can, without clearly stating whether we will see the "Christmas Fairy Tale" as it was in previous years. "There will be decoration with lights and the items purchased by the Municipality in previous years will be placed. Details will be available from next week," she said.

There will be a Christmas atmosphere in the town with the festive decorations that have already begun to be placed by the Municipality's services at various points in the town. This coming Sunday, Christmas decorations on Mantzarou and Mitropoleos Methodiou streets will be installed.

Municipal councillor Vassilis Spatoulas, who was a member of the organising committee last year, told Enimerosi that the Christmas tree will be placed in St. Spyridon Square (Plakada) and in another part of the town there will be a three-dimensional star measuring 6.5m x 6.5m, which served as the entrance to the Christmas village last year.

Additionally, the plan includes placing wooden houses and other Christmas constructions. However, what seems to be missing this year is the liveliness that surrounded it through a multitude of daily events, the beginning of which was marked by a spectacular ceremony with many surprises, gifts for children and dances.