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Heavy storm rips off roof of building in Katakalou.

storm damage
02 Nov 2023 / 10:14

CORFU. Electricity will be restored in four hours, according to DEDDIE

The storm that broke out early on Thursday morning caused problems in several areas of Corfu. The strong winds ripped off a roof from a building under construction in the Katakalou area, with a portion of it ending up on parked cars and electricity cables, resulting in power outages in some areas.

According to DEDDIE, the most serious issues are located in the area between ERT and Vrioni. Crews are already working on repairing the damage; however, due to the severity of the damage, it is estimated that the power supply will be restored in about four hours.

The Fire Department came immediately to remove the roof to a safe location, and they also had to cut down two trees in the surrounding area.



Nafsika Rd in Kanoni is also without power due to a fallen tree on electricity cables. The Fire Department was called out to cut the tree and remove it, while a DEI crew is also working at the site to restore power in the area promptly.

Flooded roads

Meanwhile, due to the severe storm that struck Corfu in the early morning, the road in front of the airport flooded once again, with drivers needing to exercise extra caution.