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Contract signed for ΄Georgios Rallis΄ indoor gymnasium in Alykes

03 Oct 2023 / 14:33

CORFU. The project has a completion timeframe of two years and is funded by the ΄Antonis Tritsis΄ programme.

One of the largest sports projects in Corfu is finally set to become a reality after 42 years of waiting. On Tuesday morning, the contract was signed for the construction of the New Indoor Gymnasium and Training Center in Alykes, Potamos.

The contract was signed in the new 'Konstantinos Karatheodoris' amphitheatre at the 1st-2nd High Schools by the Mayor of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands, Meropi Ydraiou, and the project contractor Anastasios Anthis, in the presence of the President of the Corfu Gymnastics Club (KGS), Grigoris Mastoras, representatives of sports clubs and DEPAN, Deputy Mayors Nikos Kalogeros and Panayiota Tzanne and the President of the Secondary School Committee, K. Kostalis.

The project, with a budget of 5,273,200 Euros (including VAT), is being funded by the 'Antonis Tritsis' programme and is expected to be completed in 24 months. The New Indoor Training Centre will be constructed on a plot of land belonging to KGS located in Alykes, Potamos (Emporiko Kentro), which has been provided to the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands for this purpose.


42-year request

This particular facility represented a long-standing request from sports clubs and organisations, aiming to provide athletes with the appropriate venue for their training. The Corfu Gymnastics Club has been tirelessly advocating for this project for 42 years, taking the initiative to draft plans, obtain necessary approvals and handle everything required to turn the dream into a reality. However, all these years, as Mr. Mastoras pointed out, there had been no interest from the local government.

Challenging journey

During the signing of the contract, Ms. Ydraiou spoke of it being an emotional day, the result of a challenging journey to reach this point. "When we took office, we considered it our duty and a priority for the Municipality of Corfu to have a good, reliable, and European-standard modern sports facility," she said. "Corfu produces many athletes who excel. It's a shame that these athletes cannot stay in their hometown to train and compete and have to go to other cities in Greece and abroad to find facilities because we don't have the infrastructure."

She stressed that there will be close supervision and interest in the project from the municipality to ensure that Corfu gets the missing sports infrastructure it needs.

KGS President, Grigoris Mastoras, expressed his pleasure and emotions as, after 42 years of effort, a project that was a just demand of the club is finally being realised. He also revealed that the facility will be named KGS 'Georgios Rallis' Indoor Gymnasium.


The project contractor committed to making efforts to ensure that the indoor gymnasium and training centre will be delivered on time and in good condition.

After the contract signing, the Mayor and the President of KGS visited the outdoor facilities of Corfu Gymnastics Club and removed the banner that had been hanging for decades as a symbol of the club's housing needs.