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Strikes and protests in Corfu today

21 Sep 2023 / 10:01

CORFU. Protesters will gather at the Workers Centre at 11:00 and then hold a protest march.

This morning, Corfu workers are taking to the streets to participate in the nationwide 24-hour strike called by the Confederation of Greek Workers (ADEDY) and Corfu Workers Centre (EKK). The focal point of this strike is the new labour law proposed by the government, which paves the way for a 13-hour workday and introduces "zero-hour contracts."

The strike rally will take place at 11 a.m. at Corfu Workers Centre, while the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Greek Federation of Secondary Education Teachers (ELME) of Corfu are calling for a pre-gathering at 10:30 a.m. at the General High Schools, followed by a march to the Workers Centre to join forces with the rest of the demonstrators.

The rally at the Workers Centre will also see the participation of the Association of Builders and the Corfu Association of Private Employees, both of which have decided to join the strike today. Additionally, the leader of the Laikis Syspirosis party and mayoral candidate, Yiannis Borbotis, will be present, along with other candidates from the party. The Leftist Collaborative Action in the Ionian Islands, which is taking part in the elections on October 8th with Giorgos Raidestinos as the candidate for Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, also supports the strike.

The Panhellenic Federation of Local Government Employees (POE-OTA) is also calling on local government workers to participate in the 24-hour strike called by ADEDY. The strike rally will be followed by a march through the town's central streets, with workers expressing their opposition to the new labour law, which was majority-voted on Monday, September 18th.


Flights operating normally at Corfu Airport


Flights at all airports in the country, including Corfu, are operating normally, as the strike of Air Traffic Controllers, Telecommunications, and OSYPA (Air Traffic Controllers' Union) has been deemed illegal by the Athens Court of First Instance. This decision comes after an appeal by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Transport.

62 international flights and 5 domestic flights are scheduled at Corfu AIrport today.



The level of teachers' participation in the strike called by their unions and federations will determine the extent to which the operation of schools is ultimately affected at the local level. In any case, wherever educators have declared their participation in the strike, parents have been informed in advance by the school administrations about today's schedule.

Demand for legislation to be withdrawn

The unions, associations and political parties participating in today's strike are calling for the withdrawal of the new labour bill, which, among other things, introduces a trial work period, work for successive employers, 13-hour workdays, and "zero-hour contracts" where the worker offers their availability to work without a predetermined work duration, among other provisions. It is worth noting that the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) did not decide to strike during its meeting on Monday, September 18th.