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New ΄Friends of Vidos΄ Association Board makes first public appearance at Municipal Council

Friends of Vidos
06 Apr 2023 / 20:24

CORFU. The association passed on its own and the citizens΄ concern about the interruption of access to the island through the municipal boat.

The newly elected Board of the 'Friends of Vidos' Association made its first public appearance on Monday 4 April, on the occasion of the Central Corfu Municipal Council meeting, where the issue of the termination of the contract of the lessee of the municipal boat that runs the shuttle service to Vidos was discussed.
The new Board was present at the meeting, while the President and former Mayor Yiannis Kourkoulos and Vice President Giorgos Raidestinos participated in the discussion on behalf of the association. They passed on the association and the citizens' concern about the interruption of access to the island through the municipal boat - access that is related to the operation of the municipal, scouts and guides camps, but also to the access of citizens and visitors to the island in order to enjoy the unique nature and sea.
During the discussion it was pointed out by all the municipal parties that there are problems for yet another year, that there is a long delay and the need to run the municipal boat this year with funding from the Municipality, in any way deemed appropriate.
The Municipal Authority assured that every effort will be made for the shuttle service to begin as soon as possible by assigning it to the Municipality's newly established Development Agency.
However, the Agency's President has been unable to say if and when it will operate and we continue to be concerned.
The Municipal Authority promised that the issue will be discussed at the Municipal Council's meeting after Easter and the association will attend.
The new Board
The members of the new Board of the 'Friends of Vidos' Association are the following:
Yiannis Kourkoulos - President
Giorgos Raidestinos - Vice President
Kostis Pavlidis - Secretary
Alexandra Metallinou - Treasurer
Joachim Gasteratos
Lina Roussou - member
Dina Papakiriakidou - member
Alternate members: Pavlos Metallinos, Yiannis Kritikos, Panayiotis Mourouzis
The Association aims to promote and protect Vidos Island and preserve its public character for the benefit of the citizens and visitors.
The new Board will plan some actions to raise awareness and inform citizens in the near future.