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Tempi rail accident: Strikes and protests tomorrow

rail accident
07 Mar 2023 / 12:44

CORFU. Strikes and protests in Corfu from workers, teachers, pupils, students and parents.

Protests are taking place in Corfu and the whole of Greece following the tragic rail accident in Tempi and the Civil Servants' Union (ADEDY) has declared a 24-hour nationwide strike.

Corfu workers, teachers, pupils, students and parents are taking part in strikes and protests on the occasion of International Women's Day, calling for the immediate and complete allocation of responsibility for the accident in Tempe and for the immediate implementation of measures to prevent dangers at work and the risk to human lives in public and private places where people are together.

Corfu Workers' Centre has declared a 24-hour strike and is calling people to a protest gathering and march at 11:30.

Corfu ADEDY branch is also supporting the protest and is calling unions from both the public and private sectors to a strike rally at 12:00. It has also declared its support for the strikes by the Panhellenic Federation of Rail Workers and the Union of Fixed Transportation Workers.

Protest gathering at the high schools

Corfu primary and secondary school teachers unions are also taking part in the strike and are organising a protest gathering outside the high schools at 11:30 along with students from the Audiovisual Arts Department, pupils and Parents Associations followed by a protest march.

Protest outside the Maraslio Town Hall

Members of Central and North Corfu Women's Associations will also take part in the protest gathering outside the Workers' Centre, preceding by a protest outside Maraslio Town Hall half an hour earlier to demand the immediate reopening of the shelter for abused women on the occasion of International Women's Day.